Brokenhearted on the Floor

This is a mixed media painting that I made back when I was home for the summer during college. I used magazine cutouts, acrylic paint, a broken CD, thread, and felt. I made this during a time when I was going through a phase where I’d stitch cloth or other canvas onto paintings, sort of creating a collaged painting in a way. This painting has always been a favorite of mine, and to this day it hangs on a wall in my home.

Bosty goes to San Francisco (Again!)

Bosty goes to San Francisco

Bosty went to San Francisco again so he could escape the humidity on the East Coast. He decided to start his trip off by visiting the seals at Pier 39.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

Then he stopped by the Aquarium of the Bay to see all the underwater creatures. He’s always curious about what other critters look like.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

Next, he strolled around outside and got to see Alcatraz Island in the distance.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

Then he walked along the Embarcadero, where he stopped by the huge Ferry Building.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

There were all kinds of food stands to take a look at. It sure made Bosty feel hungry!

At the end of the day, he sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the view of the bay. The sun looked beautiful as it was getting ready to set.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

The following day, he got to ride a trolly car across town.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

And after being lazy on the trolly, he just had to hike across the Golden Gate Bridge again. Just look at those views!

Bosty goes to San Francisco

Next, he rode one of the cable cars across town to see the San Francisco Zoo. He was really excited to see all the giraffes there, but didn’t know what they were looking at just now. Are you trying to find me? I’m right here!

Bosty goes to San Francisco

After wandering around the zoo for a few hours, he walked up the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps to enjoy the gorgeous view of the city.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

But why stop there? Bosty wanted to take a look at a few museums, so he stopped by the de Young Fine Arts Museum to see the Stuart Davis exhibit.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

And since he was so close to the Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden, he figured he might as well take a look at all the beautiful plants and flowers there.

Bosty goes to San Francisco

He ended his excursion by heading over to Ocean Beach . He noticed that he could see one of the Golden Gate Park windmills from the beach, and just had to get his picture taken in front of it.

Overall, he had one exciting West Coast visit. And he was pretty exhausted after checking out so many touristy places in the city.

Self Portrait – Pondering Walk

Here’s a self portrait mixed media painting that I did during my freshman year of college. If you look closely, you can see that I incorporated magazine cutouts in the hoodie. I also layered paper and painted over it to add texture to the street, buildings, and background. I used a lot of thick paint, and added even more texture with my palette knife.

This was made during a time when I was trying to find ways to incorporate collage into my paintings. At my college, I had to pick a specific concentration in art, and since collage wasn’t an option, I went for the next best thing – painting.

Reflective Still Life Study 1

This was the first painting that I did in a series of still life paintings back in college. I call them the “Reflective Still Life Studies,” since I played around with painting glass and the reflection of objects in mirrors.  Since this was the first painting in the series, you can see that the strokes seem a little forced and uncertain. I was just getting the hang of mixing colors and painting still life, so it wasn’t until I got to the second painting in the series when the compositions flowed together a little better.

Color Pencil Figurative Study

Back in college I kept a few sketchbooks where I’d work on studies of various subjects. This color pencil drawing is from one of those sketchbooks, when I was studying different expressions for my upcoming series of collage portraits for my senior thesis. I was also playing around with different color schemes, which is why this is done with cool colors.

Still Life Oil Painting

Still Life Oil Painting by Megan Coyle

This still life oil painting is a piece that I made back in college during my freshman year. I made this back when I was studying painting in school, although I still worked on collages in my free time. I remember that this was made during a time when I was still learning the ins and outs of mixing and blending paint colors, so it isn’t as expressive as some of my other paintings.

In the Garden

“In the Garden” is a collage that I made back when I was in high school. It was made when I first started experimenting with collage. I had deemed the collage “finished,” and set it aside for some time. Then a couple of years later, when I was in college, I came across the collage and decided it wasn’t finished yet. So I proceeded to add in some more detailing with shadows and highlights, and then felt like it was closer to being “done.”

This might sound odd, but I never really feel like a work of art that I’m working on is ever finished. I simply give up on it after a certain amount of time. This is the only collage I’ve ever revisited after some time, however, I’m thinking it might be a good idea to start getting into the habit of reworking my older artwork.

Code Artist by Day, Fine Artist by Night

People often think I’m a full-time visual artist, although I’m actually a full-time web developer who makes artwork part-time. I still consider myself a full-time artist in a sense, since my day job involves the art of developing and building applications and websites. Instead of using scissors and paper for my tools, I’m using different pieces of code, and thus creating what you could almost call a digital collage. Regardless of what tools I’m using, I’m still able to satisfy that inherent drive I have to make things. I am able to live the creative life full-time – whether it’s code I’m writing or collages I’m constructing.

I like to tell people that I’m a code artist by day, and a fine artist by night. And I like how these two worlds of mine inspire each other. I first got started with working on websites because of my artwork. Back in college when I was studying painting, I took a class where one of our projects was to create an online portfolio. The first version of my site was pretty terrible, but I was so proud that I made a functional website all on my own. I managed to teach myself enough about coding to create and deploy a website – and that’s what got me hooked with web development.

Hermit Crab by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Hermit Crab” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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Over the years, I’ve continued to grow as a developer. The direction of my art career often inspires changes on my portfolio site, such as updating the overall layout or adding an online store. And sometimes the coding I do for my art website inspires the coding I do for my day job. Other times I’ll make something at work that inspires the direction of my portfolio site.

As a web developer, I’m able to tackle problems with my web presence as a fine artist and come up with creative solutions. When my site was fairly new, I noticed that I kept hearing from students and teachers who wanted to learn more about my work. So I came up with the idea to make things easier for them by developing an education section for my website. The section includes information about my process, as well as online lesson plans to help teachers teach my technique in class. As a result of launching this section, I started hearing from more and more classes around the world.

Student Collages inspired by Megan Coyle

When people hear that I’m a full-time web developer, they often ask if I want to some day become a full-time visual artist. I always answer “no,” because I enjoy the variety in my work. I like how I’m able to live the creative life with two fields that inspire my work in both areas. I’m happy that I’m able to challenge myself creatively in a number of ways, and because of that, I wouldn’t change a thing.


Here’s a collage that I made back in high school, “Rebellion.” It was part of the series of collages I made at that time that really inspired the overall drive and direction of my work over the years. At that time, I was focussing on cutting and pasting paper while looking for solid colors and patterns in magazines. Then I manipulated the paper in such a way to create the shadows and highlights of the figure. I also remember that I really enjoyed cutting up the type that’s being used for the background here.

Bosty goes to the National Gallery

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

Bosty wanted to explore one of the museums in the Washington, DC area, so he decided to stop by the National Gallery’s East Wing. He was excited to see artwork by famous artists like Pablo Picasso.

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

As he wandering around the museum, he was drawn to Piet Mondrian’s simple geometric shapes and bold colors.

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

Wassily Kandinsky’s colorful abstract work also caught his eye, and he enjoyed seeing one of Gustav Klimt’s figurative and patterned paintings.

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

Wayne Thiebaud’s cake painting made Bosty feel a little hungry. Cake, anyone?

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

He spent a little time staring in awe at one of Jackson Pollock’s large paintings that was part of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

Wow, is that an Andy Warhol? Bosty is a big fan of pop art.

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

He also enjoys Impressionist paintings, and was excited to see some work by Claude Monet.

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

Bosty took a final look around and enjoyed seeing Alexander Calder’s large mobile pieces. He was a little worn out from wandering around every floor of the museum, so he went outside to enjoy the sunny spring weather.

Megan Coyle's Bosty goes to the National Gallery

Before leaving the National Mall, he strolled around the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden. It was a beautiful day outside, and it was a wonderful day to see some colorful works of art.