Face Study

Face Study by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Face Study.”
Collage on mat board. 12″x9″
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I’m going to put this one away for a bit. I’m planning to start working on a mini-collage series of scenes of D.C. Hopefully I can get one of those started and completed by next weekend. We shall see how productive I will be.


Jean by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Jean.” Collage on paper. 18″x24″
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March 4th – April 5th, 2009
Art League Gallery; Alexandria, Virginia
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Megan Coyle’s portrait collage, “Jean,” was on display in the Art League Gallery’s monthly juried exhibition, “Real/Unreal.” The exhibition focused on how artists interpret reality, with artwork that ranged from realism to abstraction.

The Art League described the exhibition with the following write-up:

This exhibit will explore how artists deal with reality from photorealism to abstraction.  A broad interpretation of the theme will include everything from totally abstract works to realistic renderings.

Judy Jashinsky, a world-renowned artist living in the D.C. area, will jury this show.  Her works are in many major collections including The National Gallery of Art, The Corcoran, The Museum of Women in the Arts and the Chicago Art Institute.  She has been featured in magazine and newspaper articles, such as Art in America and The Washington Post. Her 2004 installation at the McLean Project for the Arts, “Artemisia Gentileschi: An Artist’s Life” was widely reviewed and has been exhibited through-out the country.

Blue Barack Obama (no. 2 in a series)

“Blue Barack Obama (no. 2 in a series)” Collage on mat board. 7″x5″
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The week wouldn’t be complete without an Obama collage–or so it seems. I’ve been making a lot of these for my Etsy shop. This one won’t appear in my shop until later today or tomorrow (I’ll update this post with the link later).

Man at the Market

Man at the Market by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Man at the Market.” Collage on mat board. 16″x20″
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I’m momentarily finished with the “Man at the Market” collage. This will be a potential piece for my solo exhibition next year. I’ve figured that I’ll just make as many pieces as possible this year, then go back and tweak them up in a few areas before narrowing down my selections for the exhibition.

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Spring is in the Air.”
Collage on paper. 24″x18″
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And like all of my collages, I get a little tired of working on them at some point. This one is done for the moment–I’ll return to it later, probably in a couple of months (as you can see there are only a few minor adjustments).

Nocturne Exhibition

Yesterday I gallery-sat for the Del Ray Artisans “Nocturne” exhibition. The exhibition will be open until February 15th. Right below are pictures of my “Howl” collage that’s currently hanging in the exhibition. I also took a few pictures of the other artwork that was up–there were quite a few beautiful works of art.