Blue: An Interpretation

A Piece of the Ocean by collage artist Megan Coyle
“A Piece of the Ocean.” Collage on paper. 12″x16″
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November 5th – 21st, 2010
Nicholas Colasanto Center; Alexandria, Virginia
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“Blue: An Interpretation” was an all member show held by the Del Ray Artisans at the Nicholas Colasanto Center. The show featured the work of several local artists working in a variety of media while exploring different depictions of blue.

If you’ve taken a look at Megan’s work, you’ve probably noticed that she uses a lot of blue. Blue is a color that has frequently appeared in her work over the years. When she heard that the Del Ray Artisans were having a “Blue” exhibition, she was excited to share a couple of her collages that relate to the theme of the show.

“Blue Beaver.” Collage on mat board. 5″x7″
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Megan’s “A Piece of the Ocean” and “Blue Beaver” were on display for the duration of the exhibit. Both pieces were recently exhibited in “The Animal Kingdom” solo exhibit.

Collage Scapes Exhibition

Collage Scapes by collage artist Megan CoyleToday “Collage Scapes” opens at the East Alcove Gallery at NIH. The show will run from September 10th until November 5th, 2010. It features eight of my landscape and cityscape pieces. Of those eight, seven were completed within the past couple of months – so the majority of the work is fairly new.

I decided I wanted to create new scapes for this exhibit since I have a tendency of focusing a lot on animal and portraiture collages. I wanted to change things up a bit and add a little more range to my portfolio. Landscapes and still life work is something that I don’t often do, and I’m trying to incorporate more of these subjects into my work.

With “Collage Scapes,” my goal is to capture the color in everyday settings. More specifically, I wanted to capture scenes that are familiar to me and present them in a different light.

Collage Scapes

Old Town Townhouses by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Old Town Townhouses.” Collage on paper. 12″x16″
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September 10th – November 5th, 2010
The East Alcove Gallery, NIH; Bethesda, Maryland
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Eight of Megan Coyle’s latest collage scapes were on display in one of the National Institute of Health’s clinical galleries – The East Alcove Gallery.

Landscapes and cityscapes are one of the subjects that Megan hasn’t explored too often, and she wanted “Collage Scapes” to serve as a body of work where she’d explore the world around us in nature and urban life.

Her new landscape and cityscape collages featured scenes around the Washington, DC area, as well as New York City and abroad. With subjects ranging from local memorials to townhouses, Megan focused on the color that surrounds us in everyday environments.

Artist Talk at Goodwin House

Megan Coyle collage artistTonight I stopped by the Goodwin House to give an artist talk to the residents for my exhibit, “The Animal Kingdom.” I did another PowerPoint presentation where I walked the audience through my process step-by-step and also shared images of the other subjects I collage. Afterward I held a Q & A session that lasted for quite a while – I received lots of questions about the specifics of my technique – the type of paper I use, the type of glue I work with, how I work with the layers, and so on and so forth.

I had a pleasant evening at the reception and made sure to take some photographs of the artwork on the walls. I always try to take pictures of my artwork once it’s installed in an exhibition just for the sake of documenting my work.

Anyway, here are a few more images from the show:

Megan Coyle collage artist

“Hungry Hippo” is the largest piece in the show (24″x18″) and is one of my personal favorites. I probably like this piece because it was inspired by a trip to the zoo where the hippo stuck his tongue out when he saw a zookeeper walk by with a bucket of veggies.

Megan Coyle collage artist

There are nearly forty pieces in this exhibit. Here you can see from the angle view that there are a range of sizes. Since the pieces are smaller than the size I work in for portraiture, it was a bit easier making a larger body of work.

Megan Coyle collage artist

Another angle view – here you can see the collage I used for the postcards.

Megan Coyle collage artist

And lastly, I put together a little spot where I have my artist statement, a stack of artist bio pamphlets, the postcards I designed, my business card, and lastly, the guestbook. I also had some brochures on commission work but they were all gone when I stopped by today.

I hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve been having quite a bit of fun these past few weeks, although I’m excited that now I can rest a little more on the weekends and take it easy. In June and July I was working about seven days a week because of the visiting artist program I was a part of, and now it’s nice not having to be in an office/studio every day of the week. Anyway, that’s all for now.

Stories in Paper: Exhibit Ending

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

This late afternoon “Stories in Paper” will be uninstalled. I had a lot of fun having this exhibition up at the Art League Gallery – and I can’t believe the show has run its course already.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

So while saying “good-bye” to the end of another show, I thought I’d post a few pictures I took of the work hanging on the gallery walls. Here’s the easel sitting outside the Art League with the poster advertising my exhibit.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

The postcard collage up on the wall.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

The space where I set out a guest book, booklet of more of my work, and other marketing materials.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

A shot of one of the gallery’s walls (the one with my name and exhibit title on it).

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

Another angle.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

I was really proud of the work that I had in this show – the majority of it was completed last year. I created about twenty of collages for the show, picked sixteen from the group to have in the gallery, and during installation only fourteen pieces could fit.

Farewell to “Stories in Paper” – although with each exhibit, I seem to learn more and more about marketing my work and playing around with subject matter.

The Animal Kingdom: A Series of Animal Collages

Elephant by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Elephant.” Collage on paper. 9″x12″
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August 1st – September 25th, 2010
Goodwin Gallery; Alexandria, Virginia
Map and Gallery Info

Reception & Artist Talk: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 at 7:00p.m.

“The Animal Kingdom” featured animal collages ranging from domestic animals like cats and dogs, to more exotic animals like giraffes and elephants. Megan’s exhibit examined the diverse world of colorful and familiar creatures. Most of the artwork on display was inspired by the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum and the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

The exhibition included older works that appear in the online animal gallery as well as newer works that Megan prepared specifically for this exhibition. All artwork in the exhibition was available for sale.

Stories in Paper Video

So my brother has done it again – for the opening for “Stories in Paper” he took a bus down from NYC just to spend a couple of hours at my reception before heading back up. He took a lot of video at the event and then edited it all. So if you missed the opening, or simply live too far away to come see the show, here you can get a taste of what it’s like being in the gallery space:

Stories in Paper Opening Reception

I had a blast at my opening reception for “Stories in Paper” on July 8th. Here are some photos that my dad took during the opening:

Collage Artist Megan Coyle

Here you can see my name on the wall along with the title of the show. I made sixteen collages for the exhibit but we could only fit fourteen in this space.

Collage Artist Megan Coyle

Here I am talking to a few of the visitors.

Collage Artist Megan Coyle

People mingling in the gallery before my artist talk.

Collage Artist Megan Coyle

An HDR shot of my brother filming the gallery – he came all the way from NYC just for the opening. What a surprise!

Collage Artist Megan Coyle

Beginning my talk – the gallery set up a projector for me so I could show slides as I discussed my work. It was especially helpful since I could show photographs of each step for my work in progress.

Collage Artist Megan Coyle

The crowd standing near one of the solo gallery entrances – you can see a bit of the work from the all-media membership show for the Art League.

Collage Artist Megan Coyle

And an action shot of my talk.

I can’t believe the reception is already over. The show was scheduled for 2010 back in 2008, so I had a couple of years waiting for this exhibit.

In other news, it’s been a few days since my last blog post – I’ve been quite busy preparing for the next couple events I have planned in my agenda. This week I’m giving a little talk and demonstration to a collage group that’s stopping by my studio, and on Thursday I’m giving a lecture on blogging.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Stories in Paper

Commuters by Megan Coyle
“Commuters.” Collage on paper. 18″x24″
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July 8th – August 2nd, 2010
The Art League Gallery; Alexandria, Virginia
Map and Gallery Info

Opening Reception & Meet the Artist: Thursday, July 8th, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Artist Talk: 8:00pm following the opening reception

Megan had her second major solo exhibition, “Stories in Paper,” at the Art League Gallery in Old Town of Alexandria, Virginia. The show featured work that depicted narratives of individuals and groups of people.

The work on display was entirely different than the series shown at the Fisher Gallery.

Stories in Paper Exhibition

Stories in Paper by collage artist Megan Coyle
Stories in Paper by collage artist Megan Coyle

If you click on one of the images above, you can view a larger image of the front and back of the postcard for my upcoming solo exhibition. Before you know it, July 8th will be here. I’ve got quite a bit of exhibition prep work to do, but I’m excited that the artwork is completed, framed, and ready for the opening reception.

Below is the press release that the Art League Gallery sent out about my exhibit:

At a glance, Megan Coyle’s images deceptively appear to be slightly abstracted paintings. But upon closer inspection, the viewer can see the surface of the “painting” dissolves into bits of paper. Her images are not paintings, but collages carefully crafted from small pieces of magazine photos. Stories in Paper, Coyle’s solo exhibit at The Art League Gallery, explores images and scenes of day-to-day life using an unconventional medium and method to create sophisticated images.

Coyle reconstructs the picture surface by breaking down the human form into different planes – the body, face, and the folds in the clothing. She builds up the surface and texture by layering different shapes of paper, or peels away pieces to let previous layers shine through. “Utilizing this method allows me to create artwork that captures the essence of a painting, but broadens my palette to include textures, pattern, and fragments of photographs from magazines.”

“My process is pretty straight forward. First I sketch out the composition while using multiple photographs as references. I pour through piles of magazines and tear out pages that have the colors and patterns that I have in mind. I cut out shapes of color and affix them where I want them. I block in the color bit by bit, eventually layering shapes, and finally creating a finished piece. Lastly, I paint a matte varnish on top of the collage as a UV protectant.”

Coyle graduated in 2008 from Elon University in North Carolina with a BA in painting and creative writing. Her work has been exhibited throughout the region in venues including the Smithsonian Ripley Center, Fisher Gallery, Nicholas Colasanto Center, and The Art League Gallery. She was recently accepted into the Visiting Artist program at the Torpedo Factory Art Center for the summer of 2010.

In The Art League Gallery:

Stories in Paper: July 8 – August 2, 2010
Opening Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday, July 8, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Artist Talk: Blogging for Artists with Megan Coyle: Thursday, July 15, 7:00 – 8:00 pm