Payment Information


When you request commission work by Megan Coyle, you’re required to pay a deposit for half the cost of the collage before she can get started. The second half of payment is due upon completion of the work. Shipping, if necessary, is an additional cost.

Collages with dimensions larger than 16″x20″, can be purchased through three installments. A deposit of at least one-third the cost of the collage is still required before Megan can begin work. Again, the final payment is due upon completion of the collage and shipping and handling is an additional cost.

Payment plans should be discussed before the project begins—you can address this in the contact form when you request commission work.

Payment Options

Megan accepts payment by Credit or Debit Card through her PayPal account, as well as checks made payable to Megan Coyle. Let Megan know which payment option you’re interested in and she’ll send additional information on how to proceed.