Store Help: Blurb

Megan’s store consists of merchandise that’s sold through Blurb, Cafe Press, and Imagekind. Click on one of the logos below if you need help with a specific section of her store.

ImagekindCafe PressBlurb

BlurbAll merchandise listed under the “Books” category on the left-hand navigational bar is sold through Blurb.

Adding multiple items of different merchandise into the same cart:
When shopping through Megan’s store, pay attention to the logo that appears in the upper left-hand corner right below the webpage’s title. You cannot add items from Etsy, Imagekind, and Cafe Press stores into your Blurb virtual shopping cart, however you can check out separately for each store if you choose merchandise from more than one company.

In Blurb, after clicking on an item from Megan’s website, a new browser window will open on your computer. You will be able to add the item in the new window to your shopping cart.

How do you continue shopping in Megan’s store?
If you’re using tabbed browsing, just click back to the tab linked on the web page Or if multiple windows are open, simply close the Blurb tab.

Still stuck?
If you’re still having trouble ordering, just contact Megan or let her know what the problem is. Frequently asked questions will be posted and answered on this page.

Blurb’s Help Page