Boy with Dog

Boy with Dog by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Boy with Dog.”
Collage on paper. 24″x18″
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This is finished for now. I’ll return to it later on–I’ve discovered that it’s best to keep pushing forward with my work. If I’m tired with the way a piece is turning out, it’s best to move on and return to it when I’ve had some time away from it.

Guitar Man

Guitar Man by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Guitar Man.” Collage on paper. 18″x24″
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This is finished at the moment. I’ll need to dive back into this in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is looking just the way I’d like it. I’ve found that whenever I work on a piece, I spend so much time hovering over it that I can’t really notice my mistakes that well. Setting this aside will help quite a bit.


LuLu the Dachshund by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Lulu.” Mixed media on paper. 16″x20″
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Here’s a collage from the past–I did this collage a couple years ago. I finally got around to getting a decent picture of it and now it’s hanging in my new apartment.

Blue Coffee Cup

“Blue Coffee Cup”
Coated paper on mat board. 7″x5″

Here’s another piece I’ll add to my Etsy shop sometime today or tomorrow. And now it’s time to get back to collaging so I’ll have something to post tomorrow.


Howl by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Howl.” Collage on mat board. 10″x13″
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January 16th – February 15th, 2009
Nicholas Colasanto Center; Alexandria,Virginia
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Megan Coyle’s “Howl” collage was on display in the Del Ray Artisans’ “Nocturne – from Dusk to Dawn” exhibition. The exhibition was described as focusing on “a reviving theme that emerged in the 1860’s as a literary, musical, and artistic expression of the shimmering effects of light between dusk and dawn.”

The exhibition displayed the works of Del Ray Artisan artists and other local artists.

Papercutting Exhibition

I took a few pictures of the gallery space where my three collages are up in the Papercutting Exhibition.

The exhibition is open from December 12th – January 4th.

Below you can see “Orange Plains,” “Pink Flower,” and “Figure Seated by the Counter.” I’m a fan of the collage that was hanging in between my landscape and flower collages.