Lesson Plans: Elementary School

Coney Island by collage artist Megan CoyleA Collage Story -“Coney Island”
This lesson focuses on artwork and storytelling. Students will study a work of art, tell a story based on that work of art, and make their own paper collage.
Duck and Fish by collage artist Megan CoyleDuck & Fish – Writing and Illustrating Stories
Lesson plan that focuses on collage artist Megan Coyle’s first children’s book, Duck & Fish. Students will read the story, then write and illustrate their own adventure.
Bosty by collage artist Megan CoyleThe Adventures of Bosty
Review Megan Coyle’s photo collage series where students will learn to identify different landmarks of cities. Students will also get to create a Bosty photo collage series by bringing in their own photographs.
Mr Penguin and Baby Penguin by collage artist Megan CoyleVisiting the Zoo
Students will learn more about different animals and their habitats. The class will make their own    animal collages and write a story about visiting the zoo and the animals that live there.