The Colorful Parrot

The Colorful Parrot by collage artist Megan Coyle
“The Colorful Parrot” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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Lately I’ve been using more solid colors in my collages, so this time around, I wanted to mix in more textures. You can see that I’ve still used bits and pieces of solid colors, however the background consists of fragments of images of the outdoors, while the blue feathers and beak have a little more texture or patterns when compared to other areas of the collage. For the blue, I stumbled upon a blue tile-like pattern, and figured I’d see how it would look when I incorporated it into the piece. Sometimes I never know how a specific texture or pattern will work out until I layer it down on my artwork. I can always peel back layers if they don’t work out, so the process is always somewhat of a journey.

This piece was inspired by one of the many visits I’ve made to a zoo. Zoos are the easiest way for me to see exotic animals in-person, where I can take lots of pictures to later use as references for my artwork.

Talking Like a Parrot

Talking Like a Parrot by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Talking Like a Parrot” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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Yesterday I created a time lapse video that shows the making of a parrot collage, and above is the finished piece – a photo in better lighting! I’m realizing that I’ll need to play around with lighting for future videos. In general, I’ve decided that I need to make more videos of my process and I’m thinking of perhaps coming out with a series where I answer frequently asked questions. So stay tuned – brand new content has yet to come!